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Do you know that HUAWEI's latest flagship P30 can be turned into a car key? This function allows drivers of certain Audi vehicles, including the new E-Tron electric crossover, to leave their traditional keys at home.

Currently, only the Audi A8/A7/A6/A5/A4/Q8 and e-tron are compatible with this feature. More models will be supported in the future.

The following tutorial will tell you how to use P30 as a car key.

First, you need to activate this feature:
1. Activate your car key under the guidance of the customer service personnel for your automobile manufacturer or the 4S shop staff.
2. Open Settings, go to Device connectivity > NFC, enable NFC, and set Default payment app to your automobile manufacturer's app.
Then you can experience it.

1.Unlock the car
To unlock the car, hold the NFC area of P30 near the car's door handle. Screen can be on or off.

2.Start the engine
To start the engine, put the P30 into the Wireless Charging Shelf and press the start button on the car. After the car is started, remove P30 from the Wireless Charging Shelf.

3.Lock the car

To lock the car, get off the car and close the door, then hold the NFC area of P30 near the car's door handle.

4.Share the car key
You can share multiple secondary keys to others and revoke them at any time from your automobile manufacturer’s app. The number, sharing method, and usage of the shared keys vary depending on your car model. For details, see the vehicle's user guide.

Here are some FAQs about this feature:
1.Is the phone digital key safe?
Digital key data is stored in your device's security chip and cannot be copied, so it is very safe.

2.Can the phone continue to use this feature if it is out of power?
The P30 car key function can continue to be used within 24 hours after the phone is powered off.

3.What to do if the phone is lost?
If your phone is lost, you can revoke your digital key from your car or the manufacturer's app or website.


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