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Hello friends, 

My name is Shreyansh Agarwal, In these months I saw so many peoples of having problems of low battery backup from the same device and others having better battery backup. Well there are different people usage as per their daily routine. If gamer use a phone he get less battery backup then typical normal user. So i think i should make a post here to help them who want to save every single drop of battery.

Firstly, let's get started with Networks : 

Network is really important which is related to battery usage. Bad network strenght increse the use of battery power. To know Network conditions of your smartphone i am sharing a screenshot of my Network variations.

- Go to battery of settings 
- Tap on big battery percentage latter. 
- You will see mobile networks
   1. Green line shows Great strength of Network
   2. Yellow line show Average strength of Network (Slight more Battery Use)
   3. Red line shows Poor strenght of Network ( Maximum Usage of Battery on Network)

Wifi Networks are same as mobile networks and android is giving full control of wifi settings so follow instructions 

- Go to settings > Wireless and Networks 
- Select WiFi
- Tap on configure
- Keep WiFi on during sleep. Select Never.
Save Battery

If you use two sim cards and both are set on 4G VoLTE. Turn your secondary sim card on 2G if possible because 4G network consumes battery power.

Now another thing which use of battery is Display. Use of hight brightness all time increse the battery drain about 20-30% of full 100%

- To reduce this Use Automatic Brightness for Day and in Night change it to minimum state of brightness manually. Disable Automatic Brightness at night. Because in day the light conditions vary of 35 to 100 of brightness bar and We dont want to change it all time so keep Automatic Brightness.

- Screen colour mode use some of battery percentage so if you have Vivid Display option, change it to Natural because Vivid Display is vibrance of colours.
- Screen Resolution also matter in battery consumption. Keep lower the resolution of Your Smartphone if there is option to low resolution.
- Screensaver consumps some of the battery so turn it off if you use it or not.

Now Main use of Battery savers Can increase Your Battery backup significantly. Battery Saving Mode was firstly introduced in Android was with Android lollipop which was said that it will increse 90 minutes of battery backup than usual usage. In Emui there is powersaving mode which i personally prefer to enable all time. To enable it follow instructions

- Go to battery in Settings
- Enable power saving mode. 

• In battery section you will find Ultra powersaving mode which makes your device with minimal options and save ton of battery. I personally use it when i plug in charge. It gives same speed of charging as you do with switched off smartphone. You can try it too and also you can use this mod where you dont have battery runtime and charger. Enable it and atleast you able to get call or can call anyone for long battery backup.
• In battery section You can Also see App launch. Go in that and check all the apps which are managed automatically. Here's a trick to save much of battery from this. Follow instructions below:

- First disable automatic management 
- Then Enable only the apps which are important to you.
- Then go to manage batch manually 
- You will see 3 tick options. 
      1. Auto launch : launch app automatically when it wants.
      2. Secondary launch : app can launch by other app.
      3. Background : run in background.
- Disable 3 of the options for the apps you use app often or not.
- Enable only 1st Auto launch only for important app of yours. 

One more method i have for you is follow instructions below: 

- Go to settings
- Tap on top search bar.
- Search for "App Permissions". 
- Select "Special Access".
- Tap on "Ignore Battery Optimisation" 

- Only the Apps i shared in screenshot should be allowed. Select Don't Allow option for rest of the apps which are Allowed automatically.

This is really effective way to increase way of battery backup and you will feel it with these two methods.

People usually forget to off the location after using Xender or maps which really impact on battery and cause fast battery drain. You have to turn of after use of location. While turning of it shows prompt that turn on location for system apps just close it and follow instructions to remove this prompt.

- Go to settings and select security and privacy.
- Tap on location services
- Turn off location service 
- Tap on Theee dots of top right corner.
- Go to "scan settings".
- Turn off both bluetooth and wifi scanning options.

Disabling Mobile data for offline apps like, xender, zapya, open camera etc app which doesn't need network for running.

App like xender consists of Ads which is really irritating thing on usage. Many of ppl are facing issues of ads at anywhere of screen and blame on Emui or something like that but there is option and instructions are below.

- Go to settings
- Apps and notification
- Select apps.
- Search for the app which you want to diable data of that app. 
- Here you find data usage. Tap it.
- Disable Mobile data as well as background data for the app. 

Disabling Printing service increase slight bit of battery because some users dont use printing service and by default this service is enabled so we need to disable it manually to do that just follow instructions below:

- Go to settings.
- Select Bluetooth and printing.
Tap on Print services.
- Disable Print service. 

Well this is how you can save your battery. Save Battery from Draining. Fast Charge Honor
that's all i have to share you to save every drop of battery and also some of this tweaks increase in performance of your smartphone. So Apply all methods i shared with you and tell me is it worked for you? 
Let me know in comments ;) 
Hope you all like it. :) :P


  1. Thanks for the tweaks and tips
    Now a days battery backup is the most important thing u saved my battery juice