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Huawei After the P30 series domestic conference, the author placed the Huawei P30 in the first time. Note that only the Huawei P30 standard version was purchased. The reason why the standard version was chosen for several reasons: 

1. No extra Rs. 10000 to buy Pro. 
2. Huawei P30 hardware configuration meets the author's needs; 
3. Huawei P30 is smaller than Huawei P30 Pro, straight screen is easier to film. Of course, the first evaluation is indispensable. 

Today, I specially prepared a fresh dish for everyone, and I will take care of it. Here is the Huawei P30 Pro/P30 Unboxing.

We have already seen the packaging of Huawei P30, which is still the same white box as the Huawei P20 series. The simple and black Mate series boxes are black and white.


There is basically no change in the inner lining. I feel that the Huawei P30 is a milestone product for Huawei mobile phones. How should it be new in packaging, but Huawei said: I am not. okay then. Continue to look down, 22.5W fast charge plug (to meet the needs of the author), headphones, fast charge USB-C type, an original transparent protective shell, the standard configuration of the clear color, nothing to say.

Product Design 

 The color matching is actually the first thing that the author mentioned: Huawei P30 is still playing a lot of colors. What is unexpected is that the sky and the aurora color are sufficient, but the most arrogant red tea is orange. Hard to find, the author as a warm straight man, of course, choose bright black that will not be outdated for many years, in line with my low-key and calm personality, and the black texture is also very good, not losing other colors.

Huawei P30 is different from Huawei P30 Pro. It has no curved screen and no double 3D. But this does not prevent Huawei P30 from becoming an excellent flagship phone. In terms of the author's title, it is an excellent small screen flagship. . In fact, it is not small, but for the current mobile phones that are generally more than 6 inches, the first feeling of the author is that the Huawei P30 is really small and exquisite.

Put it together with Huawei P20 Pro and Huawei P9 . In fact, the 6.1-inch Huawei P30 is not small, but thanks to the larger screen share and the improvement of the whole machine design, the Huawei P30 really brings us a small The "illusion" of the screen phone. The Samsung AMOLED screen with 1080P resolution is more delicate, and it feels good at present. It is precisely because Huawei P30 can also be equipped with the fingerprint of the screen - the standard of the flagship machine.

On the back design, the Huawei P30 does not need to be opened separately because there is no Pro version of the TOF lens module. However, it is a bit of a "male model" to directly and arbitrarily arrange the three cameras. In fact, the author thinks that if it can maintain and last year The same exclamation point of Huawei P20 Pro, I will like it a bit more.

Do you think that the three-shot arrangement of Huawei P20 Pro is better? Huawei P30 is currently starting at Rs. 17999, so that we can directly obtain camera modules that rival or even surpass Huawei P20 Pro. In this respect, we are more conscientious. Let’s take a closer look at the three cameras. Their circles are from top to bottom. The design logic that expands in turn has a gradual feeling. 

The lens is switched to the border of the mobile phone. Since the Huawei P30 purchased by the author is a bright black version, the frame is made of matte and comfortable and delicate. The top and bottom are flat cut. Although this design is not the first, it is at least new in 2019. The machine is also unique. But the most important thing is that the Huawei P30 Standard Edition retains the 3.5mm standard headphone jack. Since it is not as waterproof as Pro, leave the headphone hole and go.

But the author also has dissatisfaction or dissatisfaction: Why cancel the infrared remote control? I think that after all, it is the flagship mobile phone of Huawei. Even Pro's younger brother, Huawei P30 should retain the highly practical configuration of infrared remote control.

In terms of card slot, Huawei P30 uses a 2-in-1 card slot and does not support SD card slot, but can use Huawei-specific NM memory card. If you think the standard version of 8GB+64GB is not enough, then personal recommendation is straightforward. Buy 8GB+128GB version, this should be the most popular memory version of Huawei P30. It is worth noting that although Huawei P30 only supports IP53 waterproof and dustproof, rubber wrap is still used around the card slot, which is a more effective measure for waterproofing.


This 6.1-inch Samsung AMOLED drop resolution is only 1080P, but the author through the use of these two days, still feel more delicate, even with the larger screen, the resolution of 2K Huawei mate 20 Pro can not see Too big difference.

 But the subtle feelings can still be felt. Especially in the eye protection mode, the warm color display effect of Huawei P30 is far deeper than Huawei P20 Pro and Huawei Mate20 Pro, but fortunately, you are eye protection mode, the author is not particularly concerned, under the normal display effect, Huawei P30 is better than Huawei Mate20 Pro is a little warmer.

However, the author has found an interesting phenomenon that may overturn the above arguments. In some of the screens, the Huawei P30 does not have the vivid display of Huawei Mate20 Pro, so this side also reflects the BOD's screen quality is good.

The same is the highest brightness, default color, off eye protection mode, use the camera original picture only Chu shooting, we can see that the Huawei P30 is lighter than the Huawei Mate20 Pro, the OLED screen is really lovable, but LCD There is no way for the party to be a slave.

Leica Three-Camera Flagship 

Although the Huawei P30 does not have a periscope lens and a TOF lens with the big brother P30 Pro, the Huawei P30 is also a remarkable place. At least it is not castrated in the camera module, and the same 40 million pixels as Pro. Sony IMX600Y main camera lens, the quality is still the flagship level. 

Huawei P30's camera parameters are: front 32 million pixel lens, rear 40 million pixel wide-angle lens + 16 million pixel super wide-angle lens + 8 million pixel 3x optical zoom lens, see this parameter is already better than the older generation Huawei P20 Pro And Huawei Mate20 Pro is better, so now buy Huawei P30 in the camera is definitely not a loss.

1, super zoom, 30 times is also good enough
Although Huawei P30 only supports up to 30 times the digital zoom, but it is also improved! More than enough than enough. 3x optical zoom, 5x lossless zoom, 30x digital zoom parameters travel in the top five of DXOMARK still have this strength, first to appreciate the Huawei P30 30 times digital zoom shooting big moon!

I believe that someone has watched the live video of Love last night. Love is not being broadcast lived and apologized. The question of Huawei’s P30 shooting of the moon is not broken. Why does Huawei P30 shoot the clearest moon in the mobile phone? ? On the one hand, because of the hardware blessing of the telephoto lens, on the other hand, because of the software algorithm blessing, AI is to help you give the moon a "beauty". McDull's idea is simple: let ordinary people can easily take a good look. The moon is always sent to the circle of friends. 

Of course, the super zoom shooting is also very exciting, but there are not many scenes using 30x digital zoom in daily life, but Huawei P30 does not have Pro OIS+AIS double anti-shake, personally think that daily shooting 5x zoom Is the most satisfying needs.

 Normal Shooting

 3x optical zoom shooting

5x lossless zoom shooting

  30x digital zoom shooting

The playability of 30x zoom shooting is actually higher than the practicality. The real effect is still zooming within 10 times. This will be more brilliant on the Huawei P30 Pro. 

2, super wide-angle shooting
Now basically all Huawei's three-camera mobile phone has been equipped with a separate super wide-angle lens, and Huawei Mate20 Pro, Huawei P30 is also equipped with this 20 million pixel super wide-angle lens, super wide-angle can let us in limited space Get a bigger picture and the effect is very obvious when shooting landscapes.

 Normal Shooting

 Super wide angle mode shooting

3, super macro
Huawei P30 is also equipped with the Huawei Mate20 Pro super macro function, for small objects can also be observed. The shooting method is also very simple: just enter the more columns of the camera, click on the super macro shooting function, and click on the 3x magnification, even if you don't get too close, you can get a good macro work.

 4. The ISO
Yu Chengdong of the explosion table at the Huawei P30 series conference let us know that Huawei P30 series has a very high ISO (sensitivity) performance, of which Huawei P30 is also up to 204800, but can only choose in professional mode, one The key is pressed, and the black place can give you the feeling of the day. When the author finishes shooting, the first feeling is: After the end, the Huawei mobile phone will shoot the night into the day, will someone have to spray it?

The above picture shows the ISO204800, normal mode and super night scene mode shooting of Huawei P30. It can be seen that the ISO is open to 204800, which is directly the daytime visual sense, while the super night scene shooting confirms the magic of RYYB, the color is yellowish, but this pole In the dark case, the three shooting modes will not be completely dark, and the Huawei mobile night vision device is well-deserved. 

For the sake of space, the author has only introduced so many camera modules of Huawei P30 for the time being. The specific photo evaluation will be brought to you in detail in the follow-up evaluation, so stay tuned.
As the author's recent time is tight, so I rushed to finish the unpacking evaluation, the content is not detailed, please forgive me. But I also believe that through these refined content, you can also have a little understanding of Huawei P30. Although Huawei P30 lacks a Pro, it is still qualified as a high-quality flagship machine, if you and I The demand is similar, then consider the Huawei P30.
Images - Huawei