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s the EMUI 9.1 worth upgrading? First of all, You need to understand these new Features.

March 26, Paris, France, has received much attention Huawei P30 series was officially released.  
Of course, the new EMUI 9.1 is also eye-catching . The director updated the EMUI9.0 not long ago, so soon EMUI9.1 is coming, so what new features does the new version have? 
 The director of this issue will bring friends to see what new changes have been made in the overseas version of EMUI9.1

First, UI design

• Meet the discerning eye with the beauty of the moment

The EMUI 9.1 theme design concept is derived from the aesthetic point of [instantly and eternal], the impact of different colors of pigments through thousands of different angles, taking its most glamorous moment, capturing the most extended glimpse of soft silk in the fluttering, Bring a moment of inspiration to the theme!

• New looking good looking icons

EMUI 9.1's icon design extracts design elements from the common image of everyday life, allowing the simple image of “God and Shape” to express richer and more visual effects. Make everything so realistic and easy to understand, but in the details of the show is unique.
EMUI 9.1
• More concise icon arrangement

Compared to EMUI9.0, the number of desktop icons in EMUI9.1 has changed from 5 in a row to 4 in a row, and the icon is enlarged by 10%. It also provides better visual effects while also adapting to the operating habits of full-screen gestures, reducing false touches.
Huawei p30 Pro
 More silky full screen gestures

EMUI9.1 optimizes the full-screen navigation gestures, allowing fingertips and eyelids to enjoy silky, resulting in a smoother experience.
Second, performance improvement

• EROFS provides faster read speeds

EMUI9.1 takes the lead in adopting EROFS (Extendable Read-Only File System) on the system partition (equivalent to the C drive of the computer), which improves the random read performance by an average of 20%.

 GPU Turbo 3.0 enhances the gaming experience

GPU Turbo 3.0 covers more mainstream games and supports 25 overseas games. Deeply optimize the game experience, bring near full frame operation; reduce screen aliasing; optimize power consumption and improve battery life. Let the player enjoy the visual further. It’s just the welfare of the game party~


Third, the AI experience

• The secret of V loggers - Huawei Wisdom Clip

Huawei's smart editing unique aesthetic scores, extract the essence of the video, automatically match the music rhythm and special effects according to the scene. Let the original plain video relax and have a good sound. Let beauty be more beautiful, let life be full of passion at all times~



 Office Transfer Artifact - Huawei Share One Hop

HUAWEI Share One Hop, with a single touch, the phone and Mate Book (the Huawei mate Book model that supports this function can be obtained from Huawei's official website) can establish a connection, quickly transfer pictures, videos and documents, and transfer in as little as 35 seconds. 1GB video, and real-time recording of PC screen, sharing with family and friends in real time.
 Measuring instrument in the pocket - Huawei AR measurement

HUAWEI P30 series "Huawei AR measurement" combined with the unique ToF (Time of Flight) and leading AR technology, can quickly measure the line segment, area, volume, and use face recognition technology to accurately measure the height, can be the same frame at a time The height of 3 people was measured. Is it very convenient?
 Cool black technology - mobile phone car key

Huawei and Audi (Europe) have reached a cooperation, without the need for a physical car key, with a mobile phone to drive the door, start the car engine, lock the car. In addition, the mobile phone car key follows the CC 1.0 standard of the car association, and the key and algorithm logic are stored in the hardware chip, which will not be accessed and copied by third-party programs, effectively protecting the safe use of the mobile phone car key. The mobile phone can be the car key, no longer afraid to forget the key~
 Real-time synchronized motion data – treadmill and mobile phone

The distributed running system is used to connect mobile phones and treadmills through NFC. The mobile phone can obtain key motion data such as distance, duration, speed and calories on the treadmill in real time. It can also link equipment such as watches and rings to provide users with more accurate and comprehensive running data and sports guidance. Sports fans will love it~

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